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Home Blender Packages

Home Blender Packages

Home Blendtec Blenders, the all-in-one appliance.

Home Blender Accessories

Home Blender Accessories

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About Blendtec®

Long before the Will It Blend? series exploded on YouTube, Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec®, was blending planks of wood with his blenders to determine their capability. Not surprising for this engineer and inventor, who grew up putting big engines in little things.

Back in 1975, Tom's curiosity peaked when he used a vacuum cleaner to clean up some spilled wheat kernels. His innate inquisitiveness drove him to revolutionise the home wheat milling industry, taking it from stone grinding to his patented stainless steel milling heads. Like most inventors, Tom didn't stop there. He envisioned the perfect mixer, using the freshly milled flour from his mill to make wholesome bread in minutes. When back in the lab, Tom developed an auto knead feature, enabling the mixer to knead the dough, develop the gluten and turn off automatically when finished. Tom continued to improve the mixer and decided to add a blender with a square jar, rather than the conventional round jar. As Tom expanded his mill and mixer business, new ideas developed. He enhanced the blender and began developing commercial blending machines just as the smoothie era began.

The award winning web video series called "Will It Blend?" features Blendtec's® C.E.O., Tom Dickson, blending an iPhone, marbles, rake handles, and all sorts of crazy things.  The videos show the strength and durability of the entry level home blender.  The same durability and strength is found in all our commercial blenders.

Tom is still inventing and the company is still growing! Walking into the world of Blendtec®, you'll find the innovative engineering team and their "torture chamber", you'll see the international team preparing for where their travels will take them next, and you'll glimpse Tom scooting off to blend up his next invention.

Today, people all around the world use Blendtec® blenders in their homes, restaurants, smoothie shops, coffee shops and more. We continue to keep dreaming of new and better ways to build machines that improve the lives of others. It all began with one man and his curiosity. He has shared that vision with others, and with his team, the dream continues to unfold.

All Blendtec® blenders are imported into Australia direct from USA, and are built with parts specifically designed and manufactured for use within the Australian market.