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Blendtec Home Blender Jars

Blendtec FourSide, WildSide and Twister jars are proudly made in the U.S.A. using stringent quality control standards and cutting edge technology. They are easy to use and simple to clean.

  1. Turn the power switch to ON.
  2. Place the correctly loaded blender jar on the base, making sure the drive shaft is seated completely on the motor base. Attach the jar lid.
  3. Either press the desired Preset Button once. You may press the "Start / Stop" button at any time to stop the current blender function.
  4. Button 1: Slow cycle
    Button 2: Smoothie cycle
    Button 3: Mixed Drinks cycle
    Button 4: Whole Juice Cycle

  5. When cycle is complete, remove the jar, then the lid, and serve.


  1. After each use, wash the jar and lid in hot soapy water. Alternately, the jar can be cleaned by filling the jar with one to four cups of warm water and a drop of dish soap and then pulsing, with the lid in place, for a few seconds.
  2. Do not soak the jar in water for any extended period, as this may shorten the life of the jar bearing.
  3. If the jar is being stored upside down, shake excess water from the bottom of the jar so no water collects around the drive shaft. 
  4. The jar may be washed in a dishwasher if placed on the top shelf (up to 104°). It is recommended the Heated Drying option be turned off.
  5. Sanitise the jar periodically. Bleach, properly diluted, can be used as a sanitizer; follow the instructions on the bleach container. Allow the sanitizing solution to remain in the jar for the recommended time; empty and then allow to air dry.
  6. If you are not using your jar daily, reach under the bottom of the jar before each use and turn the drive shaft for a few seconds. This will help keep the seal in good shape and prolong the life of the jar. If the shaft does not spin freely, add some hot water to the jar, then twist the shaft by hand until it begins to spin freely.
  7. Do not place jar onto motor base while the motor is spinning as this causes the jar drive shaft to wear prematurely. Shaking or rocking the jar while on the motor base will also cause premature wear; this damage is not covered by the warranty.
  8. Abrasive cleaners or sponges are not recommended as they will dull or scratch the surfaces of the jar.
  9. To maintain the best seal between your lid and jar, do not store jar with lid in place.
  10. Blending grains will cause the interior of the jar to fog. This is caused by the grain bursting and will not affect the integrity of the jar.
  11. Spices and coffee may permanently discolor the jar and flavors may be absorbed by the jar. We recommend having a second jar for this purpose.

Blendtec Home Blenders

Blendtec Blenders are proudly made in the U.S.A. using stringent quality control standards and cutting edge technology. They are easy to use and simple to clean.

  1. Place blender on a flat, clean, and dry surface.
  2. Make sure a power outlet is available within two feet of the blender motor.
  3. Ensure the unit is turned off before plugging it into the outlet.
  4. Make certain that the blender vents are unobstructed to allow proper cooling during use


  1. Turn off main power switch and unplug motor before cleaning.
  2. Clean the blender base by simply wiping the base and touchpad with a damp cloth. If needed, the drive socket can be cleaned using a toothpick or cotton swab.
  3. Do not use abrasives or stiff brushes to clean the blender base or jars, as this will dull or scratch the surface. Cosmetic damage is not covered by the warranty.
  4. Do not use a water jet of any kind to clean the blender base. NEVER submerge the blender motor in water—this will void your warranty.
  5. To enjoy the full benefits of the blender, read the Owner's Manual completely.