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    Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625Designer 625

    Designer 625

    • $899.00
    • Colour
    • Package Includes:

    • Designer 625 Motor Base
    • BPA-free WildSide+ Blending Jar
    • Vented Latching Jar Lid
    • Blending 101 Quick-Start Guide and Recipes 

    High Tech with Fashion Sense

    The Designer 625 is engineered not only to perform - but also to complement your kitchen décor. The Designer 625 features next generation blending and control technology along with a stunning palette of seven colours to choose from.  The Designer offers advanced blending technology and a wide range of easy-to-use features.

    Blendtec is more than a blender - It can be used for a number of other applications in the kitchen, including:

    • Wet Grinding (foods such as soaked grains and raw meat)
    • Dry Grinding (leumes or whole grains for use in hot cereals, baked goods, and breads)
    • Juicing Whole Fruits & Vegetables
    • Wet Chopping (foods such as carrots, celery, cauliflower)
    • Dry Chopping (foods such as nuts, hard cheeses, coconut)
    • Making Frozen Treats (soft serve ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more)

    Features include:

    • 1560 watt motor
    • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
    • Pre-programmed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup
    • 6-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse
    • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
    • 8 Year warranty

    Illuminated Touch Controls

    An intuitive touch screen with easy to see icons makes the Designer 625 more versatile and simple to use. It lights up with a single touch, shuts off automatically, and is completely flat so cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe.

    Six-Speed Touch Slider + Pulse

    Simply slide your finger left or right to control the motor speed for customised blending. Use Pulse for an added burst of power at any speed.

    Pre-programmed Blend Cycles

    No more guesswork! Four pre-programmed custom cycles enable one-touch blending perfection: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup.  

    Select your Designer in your colour choice today and say hello to your all-in-one appliance designer appliance today. 


    • 1560 watts
    • 6.5 amps
    • Direct-drive motor
    • Solid-state electronics
    • Dimensions: 
      • 39.6cm Tall
      • 23.4cm Deep
      • 17.8cm Wide
    • Weight:     4.3Kg


    Carry In Warranty

    • Designer 625 Motor – 8 years on parts and labour.  Motor Coupling – Lifetime warranty
    • WildSide+ Jar – 8 years (when purchased within a package)

    Additional Carry In Warranty Information

    Your Blendtec Warranty includes a carry-in warranty service. Under the terms of carry-in service, you will be required to deliver your Blendtec Product to an authorised service location for warranty repair.  This service requires you to deliver your Blendtec product for any repair to Blendtec's designated repair centre at your own expense.  You must pay costs associated with transportation of the product to the service location.  In addition, you are responsible for insuring any product shipped or returned to an authorised service location, and you assume risk of loss during shipping. 

    • The warranty period begins on the purchase date recorded on the Tax Invoice issued by any Authorised Blendtec Blender Dealer. 
    • You must supply proof of purchase to support your Blendtec warranty claim.
    • Warranty is valid only with proof of purchase enclosed with warranty.
    • The warranty covers manufacturing defects only.
    • Warranty applies only within the country of purchase.
    • Warranty is not transferrable between end-users.
    • Cosmetic damage and abuse are not included within the warranty.
    • Failure to follow the Installation and Operation Instructions or the Important Safeguards as set out in your Blendtec® Manual included with your purchase may void your warranty. 
    • If a defect is caused by misuse, neglect and/or tampering it will void your warranty.
    • DO NOT attempt to do your own repairs or it will VOID your warranty.
    • Repairs or alterations made by persons other than Blendtec authorised service representatives will void the warranty.
    • Use of a domestic product in a commercial environment will void the warranty.
    • Warranty is void on any product where the serial number has been removed.
    • If the warranty claim is not valid, you may incur a labour fee of $88 plus the cost of delivering the Blendtec product back to your shipping address.

    NO OTHER WARRANTIES - Blendtec disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a practical purpose, with respect to this machine. Furthermore, Blendtec accepts no responsibility for utility services (power surges, high or low voltage,) improper connections, the accompanying product manual(s) (where supplied) and other written material. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights.

    NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES - Under no circumstance or in any event shall Blendtec or its suppliers or agents be liable for any damages whatsoever (including without limitation, loss of perishables, sanitary condition of machinery, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the equipment, even if Blendtec has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In any case, Blendtec's entire liability under any provision of this agreement shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for this equipment.

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